'7337 P4RTY' is a multimedia installation comprisng of multiple videos, a party and a G-mod hack video-game simulation set in the last sunset of capitalism. Viewers entered a large gold structure and toasted high-concentrate energy drinks (the drink of choice for stock brokers and hardcore gamers alike) to the ideology of free enterprise. Viewers then had a choice, to remain in the physical realm and, as party guests will, mingle in a world of repetitive dance music. A world of an absurdist endless inescapable party. Or viewers could 'give in' and take this fantasy even further by joining a V.I.P world, a single player only adventure game set in the same world as the party but in the deserts outside - the player traversed the landscape and hung out with the worlds finest (and last - having defeated all of their competition) elite at the worlds loneliest black jack table.