PASSIVITY INC. formed one of a series of performance/installations exploring a firt draft of the world created in the virtual reality essay, LUXURY $IMULATOR. It played upon notions of corporate security – imagining a world of cyborgesque private armies emblazoned with the digital tablet image of their ruler-CEO. As stated PASSIVITY INC. took place in the world set out in the Luxury Simulator, a drifting alternate reality in which a super elite lives out it’s last days in a luxury fortress complex having ‘won’ the game of capitalism. A world set after a history of exploitation, wealth generation and hardcore social Darwinism in which the player negotiates the traces of a powerful civilization.

The performance PASSIVITY INC. built upon this world. We became the private army of an annonymous digitally realized authority, the manifestations of the virtual world in real space. We performed a personalized dance routine to Brooke Candy’s Opulence emblazoned with the face of our CEO, as a branding exercise and a symbol of power, our real living bodies becoming merely the foot soldiers of a virtual being. We then fell silent as our floating boss spoke of both the plight of those who did not reach the 1% in time, and the ingenuity of those that did. Utilizing a tongue in cheek tone and aesthetic and closing the gap between the virtual world on screen and our living bodies we questioned our personal position in the divide between the super wealthy and the 99% second class.